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After nineteen years of research, A.C.A.N. published in 1993, 
a genealogical dictionary entitled : 
"Les Chouinard-Histoire et dictionnaire généalogique". 

An English version of the history, 
"The Chouinards-Their origin in France and Settlement in Canada"
was published in 1995.

Since 2010 a new updated version is now available.

The history book (110 pages) tells in a very detailed way the origins of the Chouinard family in the villages of Nouzilly and Beaumont-la-Ronce in Touraine, France. It includes all the details of the settlement of the ancestor Jacques Chouinard in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, and of his five sons who are at the origin of the five branches of the Chouinard family. Mrs Luce Jean-Haffner made all the research and is the author of this wonderful history which is illustrated with numerous copies of historical documents, photos and geografical maps.

The genealogical dictionary (574 pages) covers eleven generations from the origins of the family in the 17th century in France up to the present time. It includes over 8 500 marriages and families with all genealogical data : names of parents, names of spouses, children, dates and places of births, marriages and deaths, etc. Very detailed instructions in French and English, and two indexes, make it easy to trace the ancestry of any member of the Chouinard family. This is a large format book, 81/2"X11", with luxurious binding with hard burgundy cover and engraved gold letters.

Since it was published in 1993, more than 1000 copies were sold and became out of print in April 2001. A new updated version of the dictionary has been published in 2010 that you can order on the page Publications and Promotional Articles page. The English version of the History published in 1995 is also available.

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