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The Chouinard Association of North America (A.C.A.N.) celebrated on June 24th and 25th 
2000, its 20th anniversary. The Association was founded on July 6, 1980 
on the occasion of a very successful gathering of 800 Chouinard cousins at the 
Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. The main objective of the Association was to 
rekindle the fraternal bonds between all descendants of our common ancestor and 
more specifically to :

Encourage family bonds

Organize family reunions

Publish a family magazine

Pursue genealogical research

Commemorate in 1985, the tri-centennial of the arrival in North America 
of our ancestor Jacques Chouinard

Thanks to the support of our members and to the dedication of the directors for the past 
nineteen years, A.C.A.N. has achieved all its objectives:

Family reunions and other activities have been organized every year

In 1985, a gathering of over 1500 Chouinard cousins was held in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli 
to celebrate the tri-centennial of our ancestor’s arrival in North America. 
On this occasion, a commemorative monument was erected on the site of the ancestral land.

A family magazine, Entre Nous, is published four times a year to give news about 
Chouinards and encourage relations between members of the Association.

In the year 2010, the association published a new updated dictionary. It is
available by mail. You fill out the form that you will find on the Promotional Article page

Genealogical researchs which were undertaken from the very beginning
 of the Association, were completed with the publication in 1993 of 
our genealogical dictionary including an updated and rectified history 
of the origins of the Chouinard family in France and its establishment 
in Canada. An English version of this history was published in 1995.

 We welcome all Chouinards to become members of our Association, to take advantage of 
its activities. Here is the Association’s address :

Association des Chouinard d'Amérique du Nord
8-2220, rue des Pruches
Québec (Québec) Canada G1G 2A7

Official site of l'Association des Chouinard d'Amérique du nord

Member of  La  Fédération des associations de familles du Québec(FAFQ)


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